Streamlined success: Facilitating digital transformation for a rural training provider

The education sector has completely changed post-pandemic. Yet, for private training providers, there has been a reluctance to do things differently. Until now. With the support of And Marketing, Lowe Maintenance harnessed the powers of automation. The innovative approach has given candidates a completely unique learning experience, from booking to post-course content.

Plugging into the efficiency gap

Lowe Maintenance has huge ambitions to be a leading rural training provider; giving farmers, arborists, ecologists, gamekeepers and more the qualifications they need to continue their important work. But, as a team of two, there was much to do. As one half of Lowe Maintenance, Demelza was overwhelmed with administrative tasks, which hindered her long-term vision to offer remote and hybrid learning opportunities.

The courses offered are high-value, and there’s lots of information to be learned before candidates even open their first workbook. This led to lots of questions, repetition and downright time wasting! The best way to get around this information overload issue was to offer candidates the right information, in the right place, at the right time. The idea was that, with the everyday admin taken care of, Demelza can then maximise her productivity. This involves teaching, innovating and actually running her training business the way she would like.

A valuable extension to the team

Demelza came to And Marketing because she was looking for an extension to her small but mighty team. As a business owner, she felt there was much at stake. Therefore, it was important for Demelza to feel valued and understood at every turn. This was never going to be a ‘set and forget’ client, and the relationship has turned into a long-term partnership based on loyalty, value, and complete trust!

“I do appreciate it is a concern when first moving to something like this, being a small business ourselves (a husband-and-wife team) it can be a worry on the finance side, however, on reflection I wish I’d found Michelle years ago. For us, she is worth every penny.”

+ Demelza Lowe, Lowe Maintenance

Where there’s tech, there’s a new technique

Here’s where things get technical. In the first scope for this project the main mission was to see where technology can support some of those ‘everyday’ tasks that were oh so time-consuming. So time consuming, in fact, that Demelza was in the process of hiring a full-time administrative assistant.

From accounting software to CRM, there was plenty of potential for Lowe Maintenance to develop across all areas. As a team we decided the best tools for the job and implemented them together, setting up new workflows. The idea was not only to transform the working life for Demelza, but also give candidates a much smoother, more automated experience – which also felt completely personal.

“As someone completely new to the ideas of workflows in our business and not understanding them at all, other than the huge potential they could offer us. Michelle from start to finish has made the process so simple.”

+ Demelza Lowe, Lowe Maintenance

“In feedback, Lowe Maintenance’s candidates praise the systems we’ve put in place, and we regularly tweak the workflows to ensure they’re getting the best possible experience.”

+ Michelle Millar, And Marketing

Automated content brings great content

The new systems replaced the need for any admin support and has given Demelza the freedom to develop her business with innovative, award-winning ideas. In 2022 Lowe Maintenance became the first ever UK training provider to deliver a sheep dipping course online. Demelza has since travelled from the Scottish highlands, including Orkney, Lewis and Uist, delivering these vital courses to rural areas.

“It is amazing to have someone on hand who can see the bigger picture and produce ideas to drive our business forward.”

+ Demelza Lowe, Lowe Maintenance

And we’re just getting started…

With such a successful beginning to our partnership, Demelza has continued to work closely with And Marketing on a long-term basis for all things reporting, SEO, ads, workflow maintenance, PR and more. Since then, we’ve launched several new projects and, most importantly, Demelza has been able to innovate and develop her business as she wants, powered by technology.

Award-winning marketing innovation

We’re delighted to support Lowe Maintenance and watch the business flourish. To date, we’ve joined the team at several award ceremonies, including the Yorkshire Post – an ode to Demelza’s fantastic work and innovation. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as Demelza continues to make waves in the rural education sector with ambitious plans to expand her online learning into the veterinary medicines world.

“We love working with Lowe Maintenance! Demelza has an innovative approach to all aspects of her business, which makes marketing really exciting. Together, we work hard to ensure we’re investing in the channels that bring ROI. and never stop embracing new ideas to continually transform.”

+ Michelle Millar, And Marketing

“Michelle does as little or as much as you need. We originally started off with the intention of her completing the initial tasks set and it would be a fairly short-term thing, in my head anyway. However, with the success and the level of trust we have continued our working relationship and regularly action all her suggestions, and although it’s not always possible to see a definite result, I feel, know, and trust that things have improved on so many levels.”

+ Demelza Lowe, Lowe Maintenance