Digital marketing campaigns for social housing consultants

Digital consultancy, Golden Marzipan, really understands how to effect change in social housing organisations. Over the two years we’ve worked with Golden Marzipan, we’ve carried out all kinds of marketing activities for them, with the aim of both engaging their current clients and raising brand awareness to their target audience.

A strong foundation

Golden Marzipan was already using a wide range of marketing channels when they came to And Marketing. We worked on putting research into place (buyer persona research, keyword research, and a website user experience and conversion rate optimisation audit) that would underpin our strategic efforts (an annual digital marketing strategy, channel specific strategy, marketing plan).

We love working with people who understand the value of a strategic approach to marketing. Being an established company who were already investing time into their marketing, they had, over time, gathered valuable data that we could use to make better decisions about how they allocate their resources.

By understanding more about who we’re targeting, how their users search, how they find us, how they navigate the website and more, we can really start to refine what we do to get the most from a monthly retainer – which is what we did here.

Effecting change

We’ve carried out lots of different kinds of activity over the time we’ve worked with Golden Marzipan, working with them flexibly as they’ve needed support.

One of our biggest ongoing projects with them has been building on their website’s resources section by running lead generation campaigns with gated content.

Downloadable content gives a company an opportunity to showcase its knowledge and thought leadership to its audience. We’ve worked with Golden Marzipan on many ebook campaigns, from Digital Sprints to creating a digital strategy, understanding ROI in social housing to helping users address a stalling transformation. For each of these ebooks, we’ve been involved at concept stage, working with the Golden Marzipan on the topics their target audience would benefit from – giving them a reason to download.

Running a lead generation campaign

Golden Marzipan knows their stuff inside out, so we worked collaboratively with them on the content of the ebooks – sub editing, making suggestions and providing guidance throughout until we have ebook content we can shout about!

Once we have the content, it goes through to design. We tidied Golden Marzipan’s logo when we started working with them and we keep their recognisable yellow and red branding and fonts throughout their ebooks.

When the asset is ready, we need to do all of the behind-the-scenes bits to get it ready to launch, from form creation, automated tagging, writing and setting up landing pages, thank you pages, email invitation and follow-up email  automation, as well as supplying assets for them to use on their social media.

One of Golden Marzipan’s campaign invitation emails had a 32.1% open rate, and a 59.4% click-to open rate!

We generally set up four to five emails ready to automate when someone downloads one of their ebooks to keep that lead warm over time. Without being salesy, we thank the user for their download, share relevant content and case studies about how Golden Marzipan has helped their clients solve a similar challenge, with calls to action to get in touch.

We regularly provide reports for Golden Marzipan so we can monitor their digital marketing performance together and help them to do more of what’s working. Monitoring who is engaging with their lead generation campaigns is also helpful for the company to see what kinds of issues are trending and when they should reach out personally to individuals.

“Golden Marzipan is a small digital consultancy that has been working with And Marketing for the past two years, with remarkable results. We wanted to increase our profile with our target audience before working with And Marketing. They assisted us in developing a differential marketing strategy that has significantly improved our online presence and visibility. They have assisted us in improving our website, developing engaging content, and running targeted campaigns. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in profile, leads and conversions.

What distinguishes And Marketing is their attention to detail and understanding of our business. They take the time to learn about our specific requirements and tailor their approach accordingly. They are always willing to answer our questions and offer advice. They are also very results-oriented and are constantly looking for ways to improve our campaigns and generate more leads.

In short, And Marketing has been a critical partner in helping Golden Marzipan grow. We strongly recommend them to any business looking to improve its marketing efforts and generate more leads and sales.”

+ Steve, Director, Golden Marzipan

Ready for launch?

Ebook campaigns are a great way of building an engaged email database in exchange for your thought leadership. If you’re interested in developing a lead generation campaign for your business, just get in touch.