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How we work

And Marketing works with you to deliver one-off projects and ongoing monthly retainers, putting you in control of what you spend and how it gets spent.

Flexible + fair

One-off projects

From strategy to a website, And Marketing can work with you on the marketing elements your business needs and deliver them as a one-off project and cost.

This can be beneficial to your financial management, as we work within the scope laid out at the beginning and your project is delivered on time and within budget.


Any of the work And Marketing carries out can be done as a one-off:

+ Marketing strategy
+ Digital marketing
+ Reporting


The most common projects are strategy work, websites and workflow set-up.


With this option, there’s no commitment to an ongoing retainer. If you find you like our way of working and you’d like And Marketing to produce continuous results for your business, we can look at a retainer that fits your requirements and budget.

Monthly retainers

Monthly retainers work very well when you would like a variety of activities balancing, regular work, or want And Marketing to do the “thinking” for you on an ongoing basis. You will also receive preferential rates, and time planned in the studio diary each month to focus on you and your business.

As an example, a monthly retainer could look like this…

+ Two pieces of content, scoped, written and uploaded
+ One email campaign
+ Ongoing Google Ads management
+ Reporting


Some months you may want us to focus on something different. Each retainer is flexible, elements can be switched out where required and you are in control of the activities – although we will make recommendations for your business and market.


Running your business is your priority, so allow And Marketing to take this off your plate and use years of marketing knowledge to determine the channels that will work best for your goals and target market.

Results + recommended​

“If you want great results at a fair price, I would highly recommend And Marketing. I plan to continue using Michelle’s company for the foreseeable future.”

Dave, PALpack Ltd.

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