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Marketing services

And Marketing offers a flexible, pick and mix style service. Standalone marketing activity or a monthly retainer, strategising to reporting, we'll support you with your digital marketing. Freeing up your time, while generating leads, increasing your brand awareness and improving your site’s performance.

Strategy + support

Marketing strategy
Research + planning

And Marketing offers a wide range of digital strategic research and planning. This can include consultancy, long and short-term marketing strategy and planning, channel-specific strategies, campaign planning, positioning, competitor analysis, social media strategy and buyer persona development.

Digital marketing
Action + results

The doing! And Marketing brings your brand to life online through optimised content writing, email marketing, ads management and more. Raising your profile and generating leads through considered marketing activity – one-off campaigns or regular efforts, always with your target audience in mind.

Marketing reporting
Learning + optimising

Reporting on your website or campaign performance means we can test, learn and optimise, always improving so you’re consistently getting the best from your budget. And Marketing will monitor and review your online activity, improving your user experience and on-site conversions.

Dedicated + detail driven

“Michelle is a brilliant marketing strategist and a very dedicated person. Her keen eye to detail and ability to put out fires is unrivalled. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for 18 months and with her vast knowledge and experience, both B2B and B2C, she would be a valuable asset for any business.”


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