Your mini SEO audit

Understand your website so that you can make improvements

We love data, and one of the light reports we can run for our clients is an SEO check-up. This takes an overview look at your search engine optimisation, highlighting critical issues – so you can do something about them!


SEO is all about making incremental improvements to your website so that you rank higher on search engines for the search terms that are appropriate for you and your audience.


We’re offering this mini report for FREE to help you make the most out of your website.


This mini audit will help you:

+ Understand how your website is performing from an SEO perspective

+ Know what the issues are, from site speed to redirects, to problems with metadata

+ Examine your current keywords. Understanding what you rank for now helps you see if they’re right for you, and where the gaps could be

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And Marketing focuses on providing a comprehensive, “big picture” view of marketing for SMEs – a one stop shop where you can expect both strategic thinking + efficient implementation. We pride ourselves on finding marketing solutions within budget, increasing brand awareness and generating leads for our clients.

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