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Here are just some of the nice things people have said about previous work…

Scoping and setting up workflows, SEO audit, marketing reports, PR and consultancy

She is an invaluable member of the team (remote) and with her guidance, professionalism and motto of ‘there is always a way’ we have accomplished so much more than ever expected for our very practical hands-on business.

“She does as little or as much as you need, we originally started off with the intention of her completing the initial tasks set and it would be a fairly short-term thing, in my head anyway. However, with the success and the level of trust we have continued our working relationship and regularly action all her suggestions, and although its not always possible to see a definite result, I feel, know and trust that things have improved on so many levels, of course the stats are helping to prove this, but it does take time its not an overnight result.
The automations and workflows she has put in place have been a game changer for us, in that prior to that everything was manually completed and we had got the point where we were looking at employing an administrator full time to take on the work load. However, this has all been achieved through technology and systems, allowing for a more profitable business, that allows time to work on the business rather than in it.
More recently she has assisted us with PR and we’ve had a number of successes especially in the safe use of sheep dip and letting people know it is now available as an online option. She will say that PR isn’t one of her strong points or main focus, I love her honesty and between us we get where we want to be, I’ve been more than happy with what we have achieved so far.
It is amazing to have someone on hand who can see the bigger picture and produce ideas to drive our business forward.
I thoroughly enjoy working with Michelle and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
I do appreciate it is a concern when first moving to something like this, being a small business ourselves (a husband and wife team) it can be a worry on the finance side, however, on reflection I wish I’d found Michelle years ago and for us she is worth every penny.”
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Facebook and Instagram Ads

“We are delighted! Thank you for such a quick turnaround and AMAZING service!”

Stationery, website

“We have been steadily growing our business fairly organically for the last 18 months. After a few enquiries about our website, we realised that we needed to move forward and up our game. The world of technology, marketing and abbreviations can be fairly intimidating to a lot of people. You assume that you need to know what you want and source someone you can work with to action it for you.


This is not the case!

We called Michelle and had a friendly informal chat, She instantly came up with some ideas and within a short space of time presented them to us so we had the chance to read and digest and choose what we felt was best for us.


We’ve been left with some fantastic stationery and a website that surpasses expectations. Not only that Michelle was excellent to work with having huge amounts of patience for my almost allergic reaction to technology.


Do not let a lack of confidence or understanding in the marketing world hold you back. You are the expert of your business and Michelle is with hers.”

Content writing, email campaigns, Google Ads management

“I decided that I had to improve our marketing strategy – now that we had a great website, we needed people to find it. I spoke to Michelle and found her to be friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, she spoke to me in language that I could understand.


We agreed a plan, she said she would need a few months to get things moving, however, true to her word, within four months, enquiries started to come in. She has achieved this through targeted email campaigns, blogs and Google Ads. Our website is now number one in Google searches for palletisers UK! If you want great results at a fair price, I would highly recommend And Marketing. I plan to continue using Michelle’s company for the foreseeable future.


I have worked with And Marketing, over the last twelve months and the results I have seen, have been nothing short of fantastic! Michelle really knows what she is talking about. And, after years of trying to work with different marketing companies, And Marketing is the first one to deliver on what was promised. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending And Marketing to anyone.”

Branding, website, photography

“Wressle Grange was expanding and it needed a brand, a logo, new website, a general overhaul and refresh. I knew Michelle had branched out on her own. I liked what she had done to date and her company also fitted with me wanting to support a local business. I’m so pleased I took the leap rather than trying to carry on doing it all myself.

Michelle went above and beyond helping me set up various new accounts when I was pushed for time. Michelle is forward thinking, proactive, quick to respond and professional.

Her local knowledge was also beneficial when creating our website. I’d highly recommend And Marketing. Thanks Michelle.”

Branding, buyer persona research, keyword research

“Many thanks And Marketing for all your work with us – we were very precise clients and you were brilliant! We really appreciated your patience with us, and we absolutely LOVE the branding. We will be back for more marketing work with you in the new year.”

Website rebuild, brand recreation, keyword research, content writing

“I approached Michelle when I urgently needed help with updating our website design. The end results were excellent and Michelle was there every step of the way to guide us through each stage step by step and her knowledge within the marketing industry is exceptional. I would urge anyone interested in gaining more presence from online to all marketing to speak to Michelle as you will be in safe hands and the process is always made easy. Thank you Michelle.”

Buyer persona research, Facebook strategy, templates and style guide

“Michelle is a consummate professional, very easy to work with and an excellent marketing strategist. She thoroughly researched my market area and came up with a great plan for me to implement and also designed a more professional, polished look for my social media and branding. I would wholeheartedly recommend Michelle to any business looking for advice and direction.”

Website content refresh, Facebook Ads, organic Facebook posts, social strategy

“I’ve been working with Michelle for a few months now and she is fabulous. Always quick to respond, has a really flexible approach and some fantastic ideas. She comes highly recommended. She has massively increased my Facebook reach, and website hits and sales are up 200%! She is lovely to work with and knows what she’s talking about!”


“Michelle is a brilliant marketing strategist and a very dedicated person. Her keen eye to detail and ability to put out fires is unrivalled. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for 18 months and with her vast knowledge and experience, both B2B and B2C, she would be a valuable asset for any business.”


“It is an absolute pleasure to work with And Marketing. Michelle’s experience and expertise shine through in everything she does. She works with integrity, to always ensure that the marketing carried out on behalf of clients offers the best possible solutions. Projects are thoroughly considered from the outset, Michelle’s professionalism instils confidence, and the results speak for themselves.”


“Whether you need someone to bounce an idea off, or you want someone to pull a magical idea out of a hat, Michelle is your marketer. Full of vibrancy and inspiration, Michelle can shape your marketing strategy to truly project your best self, your strengths, and your brand’s overall uniqueness. Both data-driven and possessing that humanness that brings marketing campaigns to life, Chelle consistently delivers results and identifies further opportunities for online connection and networking. She is an outstanding creative problem-solver and a simply sound human being.”


“Michelle is the most efficient, practical thinker I have ever had the pleasure to work with, she provides exceptional levels of service and always has a fresh take on any subject.”


“Focused, friendly and service driven. She has a fantastic attitude with her clients and always goes the extra mile to ensure she over-delivered time after time.”


“Michelle is a very efficient and hard working person. She is one of the most reliable people I’ve worked with and always meets the deadline. She is very organised and plans well ahead. She is also a lovely person to work with.”