And Marketing offsets carbon in sustainability effort

Here at And Marketing, we understand that we have a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. This is why we’ve signed up to tree-planting and carbon offsetting initiative, Ecologi.

As a digital-first business, we use few consumables to run the company. With an environmentally-conscious director, we already knew that we were making eco-friendly choices when it came to energy and office supplies. As well as working from home, which reduces the need to travel, we use:

+ 100% renewable electricity from E.ON Next

+ 100% green web hosting through Krystal

+ Monzo for banking – a branchless digital bank with a low carbon footprint

+ Smol cleaning products

After taking the Small Business Sustainability Basics Programme, further improvements we could make were highlighted, including:

+ Measuring electricity output with a Tapo device to understand how much carbon we produce in order to offset it

+ documenting all of the things we already do and plan to do in a sustainability policy

We’ve also taken Small99’s Net Zero Scorecard, which highlighted other areas we could make improvements (and they also plant ten trees when you take the assessment!).

One of these areas was carbon offsetting. Although the devices we use emit a very small amount of carbon (<50kWh/year), we decided to sign up to Ecologi, who support businesses and individuals with climate solutions.

Each month, Ecologi will plant 5 trees, resulting in 4.5 tonnes of reduced CO2 per year. We continue to work on improving our sustainability practices. For more information, please visit: