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Marketing reporting

You’ve got a website, you’re carrying out marketing… but what leads are you getting from it? How do you know what activities you should be investing in or what you should drop? And Marketing looks at your digital performance.

Learn + optimise

Marketing reporting

Performance + recommendations​

Reports enable you to monitor your overall digital performance or for specific marketing channels or campaigns. Find out where your visitors are coming from, what keywords they use to find you, what they spend time looking at on your website and where they convert.


Google Analytics certified, And Marketing looks carefully at the data, investigating anomalies (positive or negative), offering observations and recommendations to improve your traffic and on-site conversions.


Understand + improve

User experience and conversion rate optimisation are two ways of looking at whether your website is doing its job. And Marketing can add user testing and heat-mapping software to your website. Then, interpreting the results, recommend changes to improve your user experience and conversion rates – testing, learning and optimising.


Changes that can make a huge difference to user behaviour can be as simple as reordering homepage blocks, putting more valuable content higher up the page or changing your mobile layout. Conversions can be improved by simply changing the colour of a CTA or signposting more clearly to a form.

Integrity + confidence

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with And Marketing. Michelle’s experience and expertise shine through in everything she does. She works with integrity, to always ensure that the marketing carried out on behalf of clients offers the best possible solutions. Projects are thoroughly considered from the outset, Michelle’s professionalism instils confidence, and the results speak for themselves.”


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