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From user testing to marketing automation, with our take on strategy and planning, we cover it all over on the And Marketing blog. Brush up on marketing knowledge aimed at small business owners, where we explain the jargon and cover the elements that matter to you.

Sustainability is becoming more important to businesses. As well as this obviously being great news for the environment, you can use this when promoting your services. If you are making efforts to do business in a green way – let’s shout about that! Not on your radar? You’re risking being passed over for competitors who […]

Press release Howden digital marketing agency And Marketing has launched phase two of the Visit Howden website for Howden Town Council. A hub of visitor information for everything ‘Howden’, And Marketing first launched the website in January 2024, with events, things to do and community sections aimed at both tourists and locals alike. Phase two […]

Digital consultancy, Golden Marzipan, really understands how to effect change in social housing organisations. Over the two years we’ve worked with Golden Marzipan, we’ve carried out all kinds of marketing activities for them, with the aim of both engaging their current clients and raising brand awareness to their target audience.

The UK small business scene is a vibrant one, but competition is fierce. Limited resources often mean wearing multiple hats and struggling to keep up with marketing demands. This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) steps in, offering a game-changing advantage.

And Marketing has been named the winner of the Micro Business Award for the Yorkshire and The Humber FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards 2024.

Small businesses often have limited resources, meaning they need to get the absolute maximum value from their time and money. Repurposing content is a cost-effective strategic approach for small business owners to achieve efficiency, wider reach, and consistent messaging across various channels.

And Marketing is a finalist for the Self-employed/Micro Business of the Year award in the Goole & Howdenshire Business Excellence Awards. This is the third year running that we’ve made it to the finals of these awards.

Brace yourselves, email users! February 2024 marks a new era in inbox defence, courtesy of Google and Yahoo’s joint assault on spam and phishing. Get ready for cleaner inboxes, less hassle, and a much safer digital space. But what exactly is brewing in the email sphere?

Local marketing is especially effective for businesses with a physical location – but it’s nice for all businesses to have a presence in their local area. We’ve put together some top ideas to help you gain more local business.