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A website is just one part of your marketing mix, but it's an important one as it affects so many other channels.

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With internet usage ever rising, the expectation is that your business will have a website. And not just a website, but an all-singing, all-dancing website containing everything people need to know about your product or service. It’s your virtual shop window.

For all intents and purposes, a professional website demonstrates that you are an established organisation, engenders trust with potential customers, and provides opportunities for cross-selling. Bringing together information about your service offering makes for a more powerful proposition for your potential customers.

In a lot of cases, your digital marketing will be linked back to your website. SEO, ads, email marketing, social media – often the outcome we plan for is for a user to convert via your website. But if that website is out of date, calls to action aren’t clear and accessible and it doesn’t present your company as it is now, you could find your digital marketing efforts wasted – however good the campaign.

Working with our website development partner 8woodview on the technical bits, we design and build beautiful websites that engage and convert.


If you’d like a website you can update yourself, we’d recommend WordPress. It is industry standard, open source software. Developing a website that will be future-proof means you can add more pages and sections as your business grows or evolves.


Adding news to the website will keep it fresh and encourage users to revisit the site, and you have the flexibility to add new products and landing pages that relate to other digital marketing campaigns (eg. that integrate with any ads, social media and email marketing), without the need to recruit the services of a website developer.


Whether you’re looking for your first site or an upgrade – we’ve worked with both and can deliver a result you and your target market will love.

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“I’m so pleased I took the leap. Michelle is forward thinking, proactive, quick to respond and professional. I’d highly recommend And Marketing.”

Claire Foster, Wressle Grange

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