And Marketing’s approach

Here’s a short introduction to And Marketing and our director, Michelle. Learn more about our approach to marketing for small businesses and the feedback we get.


Hi, I’m Michelle. I founded And Marketing in September 2020 because I wanted to create a company where small business leaders could expect strategic thinking for their marketing and efficient implementation at the same time and just not have to worry about it.

I wanted to create a place where people could bounce ideas, where people could just give me their business goals and then I would work out which channels were the best for them.

My background

I’ve worked in marketing for over 15 years now. I took a degree in French and Spanish, which I like to think’s related because it’s all communication. My first job out of university had an element of marketing in it, which I really enjoyed and that was kind of my first taste of marketing, and then I pursued it after that.
I went into education marketing, working for one of the largest colleges in the country, recruiting international students. I took two years of evening classes to achieve my CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing, and then I went on to specialise with a CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Why And Marketing?

Why did I call the business And Marketing? There’s a couple of reasons. My dad’s name was Andy, and it’s my daughter’s middle name as well, so that’s a nice little nod to them. And it also symbolises the missing piece in your business – so there’s YOU… And Marketing.

And Marketing’s approach

The nature of my business is to help other businesses to grow. I feel strongly that small businesses shouldn’t feel shut out of marketing because they can’t compete with large companies. There are ways to cleverly leverage marketing budgets and maximise ROI, and my experience means I can quickly get to grips with a client’s business, their aims and pain points, their target audience and how to communicate with them effectively.

The feedback we get is so positive because, for our clients, we deliver an experienced extension of their team who can jump in, no hassle of recruitment and employment, with flexible solutions that maximise their budget, increase brand awareness and generate leads. They value my business because it improves theirs.

If you’re looking for the marketing member of staff that you don’t have in-house, give us a call.