Strategy wins for UK manufacturing supplier giant

Savvy leaders know that a shiny new website is just the start of your refreshed marketing strategy. That’s exactly why PALpack turned to And Marketing for support following their website launch. This client, which happens to be our very first, was a completely blank canvas for us – no pressure!

A digital-first approach, made to order

To get digital customers, you need to embrace the digital space, not just park there. If you want to build trust online, it’s vital to know what your readers are searching for, answer their queries and become a thought-leader in your area of expertise. We worked closely with PALpack to understand their audience and build an effective strategy off the back of their new website. Our work for them all began with some research and strategy, and their keyword research gave fascinating insight. This ongoing work has continued to feed into the Ads and content strategy ever since.

“I decided that I had to improve our marketing strategy – now that we had a great website, we needed people to find it. I spoke to Michelle and found her to be friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, she spoke to me in language that I could understand.”

+ Dave, PALpack Ltd.

The assembly line of actions

With so much potential surrounding this client, we had to prioritise our workload and ensure it all gave as much value as possible. Content is king in the new PALpack strategy, so one of our most important jobs is supporting with the monthly email newsletter, including two blogs filled with market-leading insight. This timely content complements the always-on Google ad activity, which is all tucked nicely into a quarterly report, so the client has full transparency on what’s working (and quickly remedy anything that isn’t!).

There’s also plenty of ad-hoc activity in response to the fast-changing manufacturing landscape. We’re pleased to support with trade magazine advertisements, leaflet designs, strategy, data purchasing and more.

PALpack increased turnover by 367% and profit by 329% in the first two years they worked with And Marketing

“We have a monthly retainer with PALpack. But our work doesn’t end there. Whatever additional support PALpack needs, they know that they can just pick up the phone and we’ll make it happen.”

+ Michelle, And Marketing

Optimisation makes perfection

We all know that marketing is far from a ‘set and forget’ task, and strategies need consistent work to ensure they remain in line with both internal changes and wider industry trends. To date, we’ve worked with PALpack for three years – and we’ve never been short of things to do in that time! There’s always a competitor out there ready to take your Google placement, but thanks to our joint work, PALpack has managed to remain a consistent thought leader in its field and a place where manufacturing giants can turn to for trusted information, expertise and products.

“We’re proud of the results we’ve gained with this longstanding client – and the work they’ve won that they’ve attributed to our marketing efforts. They’re an excellent example of how consistency reaps rewards!”

+ Michelle, And Marketing

“The results I have seen have been nothing short of fantastic! Michelle really knows what she is talking about. And, after years of trying to work with different marketing companies, And Marketing is the first one to deliver on what was promised. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending And Marketing to anyone.”

+ Dave, PALpack Ltd.