Opening doors for ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

Our partnership with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems had steady beginnings. Since then, it’s developed into a long-term relationship that spans across many aspects of marketing, including everything from consultancy and planning to copywriting and design.

A global marketing approach

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a global B2B enterprise that manufactures a range of industrial doors and loading bay equipment designed to enhance the flow of goods and people, regulate building temperature, and maintain hygiene. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has direct operations in 40 countries, and authorised distribution in more than 100 countries worldwide. The division employs an international workforce in excess of 10,000 people. The company’s systems and solutions are tailored to end-users in distribution and logistics, manufacturing and retail, just to name a few.

The recruitment drive that started it all

ASSA ABLOY initially wanted support in their search for talented service engineers in the UK. We crafted compelling copy and assets targeted to audiences across Meta and LinkedIn. These social media ads were so successful that they have been deployed across the global business as a template for future recruitment campaigns. As any marketing expert will tell you – that’s the ultimate compliment!

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Getting a handle on the global market

Since the successful social media ads, And Marketing began working closer with Paul, the Marketing Officer for the UK and Ireland. Recently, we were commissioned to run a brand awareness campaign in Ireland over several months. This was a result of a change in website structure completed during summer 2022, where the individual, localised sites transitioned into a global website that spanned across all countries. The brand-led campaign allowed the business to move into the new digital parking space with ease and opened the opportunity to refresh their marketing efforts.

First, we carried out buyer persona research, incorporating it into a wider brand awareness campaign plan. From there we focused on content, which included Google Ads, email campaigns, LinkedIn ads, reporting and SEO. The aim, as always, was to make ASSA ABLOY easy to find, easy to understand and the go-to provider to potential global customers.

And Marketing increased website traffic by 194% in month 2 through a combination of email marketing, social ads, Google Search Ads and SEO consultancy

Continued marketing support

This campaign was a great success for the business and has allowed the team to support their SEO transition and own their digital space. Much like many of our clients, the one-off project evolved into a long-term relationship. We couldn’t be happier to support ASSA ABLOY as the brand continues to develop its online presence and tailor its marketing towards the digital customer.

Today, we offer ongoing support with SEO and monthly reporting, extending the initial project. In addition, we offer some copywriting, consultancy, and unique design work.

“We are delighted! Thank you for such a quick turnaround and AMAZING service!”

+ Tracey, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems UK

“ASSA ABLOY was our first ever international client, and we really hit the ground running with some excellent results for them. We feel like we offer their local marketing team support that they don’t have in-house, and the partnership has only grown over time. We look forward to continuing to work with them.”

+ Michelle, And Marketing

Are you going through a website transition?

This is the perfect time to refresh your marketing plan and realign your brand to potential customers. If you need any support to improve your digital ‘first impression’, then allow us to take the burden off you – we have years of expertise in doing just that!