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Sustainability is becoming more important to businesses. As well as this obviously being great news for the environment, you can use this when promoting your services. If you are making efforts to do business in a green way – let’s shout about that! Not on your radar? You’re risking being passed over for competitors who […]

Have you been planning your marketing for this year? Don’t let last year put you off your planning. I’d always recommend researching, writing and following a marketing strategy… and the whole Covid situation doesn’t change that. A strategy is based on research, it provides the reasoning behind any activity, and certainly should be revised if

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Who are your ideal customers? Where do they hang out online, and what kind of content do they consume? Researching your target audience isn’t exactly ground-breaking marketing, but it’s a step often missed by SMEs, when assumptions replace data. Tell a story A buyer persona is a partly fictional representation of a group of customers.

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